Texas Walmart employee goes viral after photo promoting Little Debbie's ice cream

A Texas Walmart employee is bringing all the ladies to the freezer section!

The store in Corpus Christi posted a photo on Facebook of Jose De Leon advertising a great deal on Little Debbie's ice cream – and it went viral!

The post has more than 22,000 shares and nearly 20,000 comments from women who were drooling for Jose.


Here are a few examples of the thirsty comments:

"Jose can handle my honey buns. I mean I’d appreciate if Jose handed me the Honey Bun one please," one commenter wrote.

Another said, "Took me a moment to realize he was holding ice cream ... by moment I meant a good 20 minutes."

"I'll take some Jose with a side of Little Debbie ice cream please," was another comment.


Some in the comments even said they were planning trips to Corpus Christi.

We invited him to Houston's Morning Show to hear how Jose feels about all the attention

"It's very exciting," Jose told FOX 26. "Just going outside of work, and getting recognized – that's kind of what's funny to me. It's really cool, actually."

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When asked if he felt the comments were disrespectful, Jose said no. "Not disrespectful at all."

"It was just a regular day at work. And my boss Sam just asked me if I could just take a picture holding the ice cream and I was like, 'Yeah, of course." 

A visit to the Walmart store's Facebook shows endless photos of employees advertising different products and deals throughout the store, but not all of them go viral.

Now, people around Corpus Christi are going up to Jose, who is also a body builder, and asking, ‘Are you the ice cream guy?’

But with all this attention, will Jose be getting a deal or a new modeling career?

He didn't share any details, but did say "something's coming."


And if you're wondering which Little Debbie's ice cream flavor is Jose's favorite: it's Honey Bun.