The Austin Reggae Festival helps raise money for Central Texas Food Bank

This weekend wrapped up the Austin Reggae Festival at Vic Mathias Shores. The three day event, which continues to grow every year, helps raise money for the Central Texas Food Bank.

This year’s spring weather attracted hundreds of people out to Austin’s Reggae Festival. People enjoyed live music from well-known reggae bands. Vendors sold tie-die shirts and celebrated the legendary Bob Marley.

The three day festival benefits the Central Texas Food Bank, raising more than one million dollars over the last decade. During that time, the festival became the largest annual fundraising event for them. 

The Central Texas Food Bank spokesperson Mark Jackson said food insecurity has become more common. "Hunger can strike anybody the reality is that the majority of people we serve have a roof over their head and are struggling to  make end's meat being able to have food on the table is one of those tough decisions whether or not they’re going to keep electricity on,”  said Jackson. 

If you like to contribute to fighting hunger, click here.