The Corps of Engineers took steps Thursday to stabilized the two major lakes in Williamson County

Flood gates were lowered to reduce the amount of water being released down the San Gabriel River Thursday. Lake Georgetown is currently just above whats considered to be its normal stage.

On the east side of the county, the water level at Granger Lake is also just into its flood zone.

Recent rains helped both lakes rebound from what they looked like during the drought. The scene Thursday attracted several swimmers to lake Georgetown.

"Its actually gone down though, I was here 2 weeks ago and it was above this, it was bad," said Karen Rojas.

Local fishermen have also been taking advantage of the higher water levels.

Several large catfish were reeled at Granger Lake spillway by Thorndale fisherman Aaron Melde. Last year, Melde says the spillway was just a muddy hole.

"Not moving at all, they bearly let any water out, all that rain,its nice," said Melde.

Officials with the Corps of Engineers say both both lakes should be back to normal levels by the middle of July, unless there is another major rain event.