The Dallas man seen on video flying off a waterslide talks with FOX 7

The Dallas man seen on video flying off a waterslide is now nursing a broken arm and broken ribs at home.

It happened over the weekend at a private home near Lake Travis. David Salmon posted video of the accident on his Facebook page.

David Salmon said he was conscious through most of the incident. Even though he remains in a lot of pain, he knows it could've been so much worse.

Now that Salmon's home and resting, he can even see the humor in watching the shocking video.
"I'd gone down a few times and it was fast," he said. "But this time, I just couldn't slow down, even threw my arm out, and went right over the edge."

The cell phone video shows where the slide takes a quick turn. Salman said he felt his body ride up the side, and then all 200 pounds of him went airborne, backward over the edge.

"For a split second, I was like oh no," he said. "And then it was like a hard crash, and the rest was all just blurry."

To the horror of everyone watching, including friend Matt Mazure, Salmon landed about 10 feet down on a rocky hillside and broke his left arm, fractured several ribs and left his lower back, shoulders and side covered in painful scrapes and bruises.

"After I fell, I was sitting straight up, like, 'Oh! I can stand up. I can be fine,'" Salmon recalled. "Then my body just couldn't do anything. It was excruciating."