The Family Business Beer Company opens this week in Austin

Many breweries and distilleries have chosen to make the Dripping Springs area of Texas their home and you can now add Family Business Beer Company to that list! What's making this one stand out to many Austinites, is the big Hollywood names behind it. 

For the last 13 seasons, fans of the CW TV show, Supernatural have known Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester but now he can add something else to his resume. Brewery owner.

Jensen tells us he and his fellow actor and wife, Danneel,  had been fans of home brewing for many years. It was an exceptionally good batch that made him think this could be a reality. 

"That just kind of led to one night, like hey, were actually making some decent brew," explained Jensen. "Why don't we try to do something crazy and open a brewery."

A fifth generation Texan, Jensen had visited the hill country numerous times.

With its beautiful landscape, breweries and wineries, Dripping Springs was the perfect fit. 

"When we took a look at the landscape here and what was happening with Austin and its just a young vibrant progressive town that a lot of these craft man style industries are really flourishing here and we thought it would be a great idea to chase that dream," said Jensen.

A dream that is now a reality.

Family Business Beer Company has been under construction since 2016. So far, 35 different beers have been experimented with but they hope to have six or seven as their regular staples.

Aside from the beer, the Ackles hope people will come for the experience. "We've got an adult playground inside and kids playground outside. The outside space includes a children's play area, picnic tables and even a food truck. You can bring your kids, bring your dog, hang out for the day."

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