The Gatsby hosts fundraiser for injured Austin industry leader

Sunday, Austin’s nightlife industry professionals pulled together to throw a fundraiser for Scott Cook, the operating manager of The Gatsby, who was seriously injured in a crash. 

“Scottapalooza. That's the unofficial, official title,” said Seth Gnader who helped organize the benefit. 

“Scott puts in like 70 hours a week here. He's really, really driven. He's got a family to support, he's a sole provider for a whole family, Scott is stubborn, he's funny, he's loyal and he’s one of our favorite people. So all these people came together to help show love because we love him,” Gnader added.

The hard-working, soft-hearted nightlife enthusiast's world was flipped upside down after a crash on June 18.

“He was in a motorcycle accident on the way to work, pinned under the car, he was dragged 30 yards. He's all scratched up, broken arm, broken ribs, collapsed lung, they had to take his spleen out, he had a big cut on his forehead, he's really messed up,” said Gnader. 

It was a big hit to The Gatsby and all the friends Scott’s made in the downtown Austin area.

“I've been in Austin for six years and he was one of the first people I met and I feel like that story gets told over and over just because of the person Scott is. There's people here playing today that Scott gave them their first gig on 6th Street or helped them get a foot in the door at a venue down the street,” said Caleb Pittman who works with Scott. 

When industry professionals heard that Scott would be unable to work for several months, they wanted to help him and his family through this tough time.

“All these bartenders, bar owners, managers, DJs, promoters, we're one big family. We're the night people. We sleep during the day and work at night, so we look after each other. When one of us needs help, we help,” Gnader said. 

The 12 hour long benefit is complete with bands, DJs and dozens of bartenders, many of whom Scott helped get started in the Music Capital of the World.

“He’s just one of those people that have a huge heart and wants to help as many people as he can and so you get this kind of turnout,” said Pittman. 

Hundreds of dollars’ worth of merchandise is up for silent auction, tee shirts are being sold and of course food and drinks are available.

All the proceeds will benefit Scott and his family and there’s an easy way to help support the Austin industry leader.

“All you have to do is show up and drink and that's all we ask,” Gnader said. 

Event organizers at The Gatsby say the goal is to raise between $15,000-20,000.

They are on track to meet that goal. The fundraiser ends at 2 a.m.