‘The Masked Singer’: Sir Lion leaves after ‘Extra’ special final performance

Another contestant left "The Masked Singer" stage with a roar, but not before revealing the celebrity beneath the giant mask. 

"Extra" host and radio personality Billy Bush was revealed as Sir Lion on "TV Theme Night,"  and he seemed ready to get out of that elaborate costume. 

"This worked out exactly as it should," Bush said. "I’m not coming back here tomorrow, Friday night. I want to go! But man, I had fun."  


Billy Bush revealed as Sir Lion on "The Masked Singer."  (FOX)

Panelist Jenny McCarthy was shocked to see Bush as fellow panelist Rita Ora pointed out that McCarthy "should have known" it was him. 

"Billy, I had no idea you could sing like this," McCarthy said. To which Bush replied, "I’m not a great singer." 

"If you can’t get ‘em with the lips, get ‘em with the hips," Bush joked as he did a little shimmy onstage. 

"That’s how I made it this far," McCarthy replied. 

Host Nick Cannon also complimented Bush on his elaborate costume, which was embellished with tassels, rhinestones and broaches. 

"I’m seeing Billy Bush in the next ‘Bridgerton,’" Robin Thicke said.  

Bush then went on to leave the audience with a bit of an inspirational message, encouraging them to do "something scary."  

"Say ‘yes,’ and do it! I had a ball," Bush added.  

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Next week on "The Masked Singer’

Next week’s "The Masked Singer" theme is "Shower Anthems Night." 

Another celebrity will be unmasked in the all-new "Group C Finals." 

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