Thieves hit multiple vehicles in Llano during rivalry game

Llano police are looking for the person who broke into several vehicles during a big football game over the weekend.

One of the victims is an off-duty constable who is now offering his own money as a reward for information leading to an arrest.

"It was Friday the 13th and Brady, I didn't figure it would happen to me, but I figured something would go wrong," said Llano County Pct. 4 Constable Joe Simpson.

Simpson was one of many who had their vehicles broken into during Llano's big rivalry game against Brady.

"It ruined the whole weekend for me, just had a birthday and everything was going pretty good," said Simpson, "I just hate that people do that. People work hard for what they got and somebody steals it, it's not good."

The thieves popped out both of his locks, broke his door handle, and tore up his back latch. Even though he locked his truck, he said the damage done shows some people are willing to do whatever it takes to get inside.

"I really was naïve. I didn't know they could punch the lock out especially on something like a tool box. I didn't know it was that easy," said Simpson.

The thieves managed to take his jack and some ammunition.

"I wouldn't leave a weapon there unattended, I did have a cell phone or a check book I left them at the house which I'm happy for because I usually have a cell phone or check book in there," said Simpson on what was taken from the truck.

Simpson said other vehicles also had extensive damage done them like his.

"At least two of them had their back windows knocked out," said Simpson.

While llano was able to take the win, Simpson said he and the other victims couldn't enjoy the victory.

"Pretty much every time we play Brady, here or there, we always have trouble," said Simpson.

While Llano police is investigating, Simpson wants to offer his help in catching whoever did this. he took to social media offering $1000 on any information leading to an arrest.

"I'll give you anything I got but I hate people who steal," said Simpson.

For now, he recommends taking all of your valuables out of your car as even locking it won't stop a desperate thief.