Thousands attend annual Juneteenth Parade

For Tayla and Cheryl-Bibbs Terry, the annual Juneteenth Parade is more than some fun in the sun.

"This is a tradition for me and mom to come out and enjoy the Juneteenth holiday, the Juneteenth parade," Tayla said.

"I am here celebrating a moment of history and heritage in reference to the Juneteenth for freedom for blacks and anybody else that wants to feel free," Cheryl said.

The Terry's were joined by more than 7,000 people and several of Austin's city leaders to celebrate a crucial moment in our nation's history and the strides that have been made since.

"From the movement, from slavery until now you see the changes and how a community can come together as one." Tayla said, "It's unique because it shows the diversity in Austin, Texas. You see other states having all of the tragic times and the shootings but you can see that we can still come together with different walks of life. As Martin Luther King Jr.  would say 'we all come together and join in no matter what color.'"

The parade also serves as a valuable lesson for the hundreds of children that lined the streets.

"This is learning, this is heritage, this is education, and this will help (children) deal with more in-depth knowledge of their history and where they came from and what they need to be a part of.," Cheryl said.

A lesson and tradition many feel must be taught to for years to come.

"The next generation that is out here has to carry that on for the next 20 or 30 years. This is our future," Cheryl said.