Three British Royal Navy members assaulted Dallas officer outside Uptown bar

The three men responsible for an assault on a uniformed Dallas police officer outside a bar are members of the British Royal Navy.

The incident happened about 2:30 a.m. Saturday in the parking lot of Concrete Cowboy in Uptown Dallas.

Dallas Police Senior Corporal Gerardo Huante responded to a fight in the parking lot and tried to break up the tussle when he was assaulted by the three Royal Navy members.

According to Dallas police, the three men hit and kicked Sr. Cpl. Huante. He was taken to Parkland Hospital for treatment and was later released.

Huante was working in an off-duty capacity in full uniform at the popular bar in the 2500 block of Cedar Springs Road.

Christopher Casey, 28, Callum Duncan, 26, and Christopher Hickman, 30, were all arrested at the scene and have been charged with assault on a public servant – a third degree felony. Documents state that Hickman held Huante while Casey kicked him in the face and Duncan punched him several times with a closed fist.

Vick Cunningham, an attorney for the sailors, said they had just finished training in New Mexico and were on their way back to London, but had an overnight layover in Dallas.

He said he isn't sure what exactly prompted his clients to fight, but does know there was a lot of alcohol involved.

"They are embarrassed. They are mortified. They can't believe it happened," Cunningham said.

A hearing was scheduled for Wednesday in Dallas to request that the three men be able to leave and promise to return and face the charges.