Throughbred Farms gets help from American Red Cross

The "Thoroughbred Farms" neighborhood was hit with flooding two weeks ago.

The community was still cleaning up from the floods last Halloween. Now, the "American Red Cross" is stepping in to make re-building easier for people who live there.

Mary Vasquez says her house  has been hit by three floods in the last three years.

“Since 2013 on Halloween we suffered that flood first. Last year in October as well and then just a few days ago,” Vasquez said.

She lives near thoroughbred farms, a community that continues to experience floods. Vasquez, among many others are wondering when will it stop.

“If it's going to constantly continue we need to get out of here because this is traumatizing the kids,” she said.

Vasquez says her home will not be able to handle one more flood. That's the sentiment of a lot of residents at Thoroughbred Farms.

“They are distressed over the fact that even though there have been floods in the past, they continue to be flooded after they make repairs,” Alessa Adamo with the American Red Cross, said.

The Red Cross has been stepping in since Sunday doing what they can.

“Doing client assistance, disaster assessments, passing out relief supplies, and providing limited financial support,” Adamo said.

Vasquez says the Red Cross had to wait for water to subside before they could get a look at her home.

“They just had to go and take a look at the damages of the house, because when they went to check it out they didn't have access to the street,” she said.

As the community struggles to rebuild, they continue to fight more floods. They are hopeful they can get through it with a little help. Although Mary Vasquez lost many items, she knows things could have been much worse.

“We're definitely happy we're all safe and we are all together,” Vasquez said.

If you or anyone you know is in need of assistance please direct them to the American Red Cross serving Central Texas at 1-800-928-4271.