TikTok challenges result in damages, vandalism at North Texas schools

School districts are warning parents and students about several TikTok challenges that have caused thousands of dollars in damages at North Texas schools.

Irving ISD sent a letter to parents in hopes to "get ahead of the situation," and have parents talk to their children about not taking part in these challenges.

In the letter, the district tells parents about several of these "concerning trends," which includes the "school bathroom challenge," where students damage school property, the "devious licks challenge," where students steal things and then post items on TikTok, and the "Kool-Aid challenge," where students splash Kool-Aid on the walls to make it look like blood.

"While some students may consider it a game, these challenges are disruptive and will not be tolerated in our schools," the Irving ISD letter said 

A spokeswoman for Irving ISD said this has been happening in other local districts recently, and Irving ISD has been "fortunate" compared to the damage reported at other districts.

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Waxahachie ISD posted about some of its students who vandalized school restrooms.

In total, Waxahachie High School had students vandalize 14 restrooms, which caused thousands of dollars of damage.

Police are helping the school district investigate, and they will "pursue punishment for all students involved to the fullest extent of both the WISD student code of conduct and the criminal code."

Sanger High School posted a letter to parents about several incidents of the "devious licks challenge" and vandalism at the school.

Soap, soap dispensers, teachers’ personal items, and air vents were stolen from the school, and there has also been vandalism of desks, bathroom walls, and electrical plugs.

"This theft and vandalism will not be tolerated and is placing undue stress on our school staff who work diligently to ensure our campus is clean and safe," the school’s principal, Jennie Flaa, wrote in the letter.

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