Title 42 expiration at border cited for Austin police, Texas DPS ending partnership

The Austin Police Department says its partnership with the Texas Department of Public Safety is ending "due to the expiration of Title 42 and the related issues at the border."

Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon released a statement saying "Texas DPS is being deployed heavily in border cities" and because of that "DPS will temporarily cease operations in Austin." The last day is Saturday, May 13.

Chief Chacon says they were is no timeframe on when the partnership would start up again but that "it will not be for several weeks at least."

Austin City Council member MacKenzie Kelly released a statement after the ending of the partnership was announced saying, "While the situation is still evolving, we acknowledge that this may impact public safety in certain areas."

"Still we support their (DPS) crucial work at the border and welcome them back as soon as possible. We remain committed to ensuring safety in our city and appreciate the cooperation of our law enforcement partners," Kelly added.

Just a little more than a week ago, activists gathered at Austin City Hall to call for the partnership to end.

The next update meeting on the APD and DPS partnership will be on May 22.