Too soon for pumpkin? Fall will arrive early at Dunkin' Donuts

Fall won't officially be here until September 22, but if you're a Dunkin' Donuts fan, it's going to show up early-- at least in your cup.

While you're still busy trying to hold onto summer, Dunkin' Donuts has announced they're ready for fall. But how soon is too soon for pumpkin?

Before the end of the month, Dunkin' Donuts plans to roll out its fall menu, which includes all things pumpkin and maple. Of course, that means pumpkin coffee and the beloved pumpkin spice drinks, but also pumpkin muffins, pumpkin donut holes and a brand new pumpkin cream cheese and a new fall donut.

That's not all, though. Dunkin' Donuts will also unveil new maple pecan flavored coffees. Think sweet and nutty. In case you're not hungry yet, they'll also offer a new maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwich, with a double portion of sweet caramelized maple sugar cherrywood smoked bacon on a freshly baked crossiant with egg and cheese.

If you just can't wait, you're in luck. Dunkin' Donuts plans to have the new fall items in every store nationwide no later than August 28.

But wait, who stole the sprinkles and frozen lattes? Pass the sunscreen and our inner tube. We've got 30+ days of summer left to love.