Tornadoes, waterspouts reported across south Georgia

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Chatham County, left, and Crisp County, right (Courtesy: Aiden Ingram, left, and the Crisp County Sheriff's Office, right)

Powerful storms tore through south Georgia on Tuesday afternoon, leaving destruction in their wake.

Several Tornado Warnings were issued, including one in Crisp County shortly before 2 p.m. The FOX 5 Storm Team said radar in the area indicated a debris signature in the central part of the county at 1:47 p.m.

The Crisp County Sheriff’s Office sent FOX 5 News several photos showing the destruction left behind by the severe weather.

Deputies said they responded to a report of an accident along Interstate 75 near Mile Post 94. The found a tractor trailer overturned on a sedan. Deputies reported only minor injuries in the crash and said it was likely weather related.

Highways 41 and 90 were temporarily closed as crews worked to clear trees, branches, and other debris from the roadways. Deputies said several side streets were also heavily littered with downed foliage, power lines, and debris.

The suspected tornado ripped the roof off a home across from resident Vickie Royal.

"I just heard the loud boom like something had hit the house. I thought that maybe the big hand tree had hit the ground. I didn't know that the roof was gone," Royal told WGXA.

County authorities said about 6 to 10 buildings suffered extensive damage in the storm.

It was a similar story in Wilcox County, where officials said they worked into the early evening hours clearing roadways of trees, debris, and power lines. 

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Later in the afternoon, several reports came in to the FOX 5 Storm Team of a funnel cloud spotted near Tybee Island. 

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Video and pictures sent into the FOX 5 newsroom appeared to show a waterspout just off the coast of Chatham County.

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There were no reports of injuries from the passing storms.

The National Weather Service said it will send teams to investigate the damage in several areas across south Georgia, to determine whether the damage was caused by tornadoes or straight-line winds.