Toughest little volunteer fire department in Texas

They represent the toughest little volunteer fire department in Texas, but they need your help! Their town of Plum Grove flooded and much of their firefighting equipment was destroyed.

That might get some people down, but not the Plum Grove Volunteer Fire Department! The 12 members of this department, sometimes referred to as "The Dirty Dozen," just wanted to work harder.

Let there be no doubt, it's been a tough week or so. Some of the volunteers lost their cars and homes, but they didn't think about that as they were trying to save others...some 750 others.

“I can tell you personally that some of these firefighters were literally on boats and operating high rescue vehicles and were driving past their flooded homes…just to help other people,” says Cleveland (Texas) Independent School District Police Department Chief Rex Evans. 

“Bless their hearts, they were filthy," adds Chief Evans. "Some of them haven’t been homes for days…and there’s no home for some of them to go back to.” That’s the case for Christopher Loflin, who when he’s not volunteering, works in corrections for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

“I have leaks in my RV and it’s going to end up being a total loss," says Loflin. "There’s a little bit of water damage…it’s going to mold out and I’m going to have to scrap it

"It’s going to be hard for awhile," adds Loflin. "It will.”

Meanwhile, volunteer fire department officials are asking for help. They need all kinds of gear that they lost. The internet isn't working at the station, but if you'd like to help, contact them at the following mailing address:

Plum Grove Volunteer Fire Department
7733 F.M. 1010
Cleveland, TX 77327