Travis Co. GOP shows Morrow the door, then drama continues

"Excuse me Mr. Morrow this room is reserved and you're not able to come in, could you please leave?" -- That was only the FIRST time Robert Morrow was told to get out of the North Austin office building where a Travis County GOP press conference was being held Friday morning.
He was wearing his signature jester hat, a loud orange blazer, and carrying his new favorite sign accusing Donald Trump of committing a criminal act.
The GOP's Andy Hogue insisted they weren't there to celebrate the ousting of Morrow.

"I was asked on the way up are we going to have balloons, mariachi bands, a cake maybe?  Well this isn't something we take lightly," Hogue said.

But regardless there was a sense of relief among the party.
What finally ended Morrow's tenure, Morrow actually did to himself. 
On August 19th, he filed as a write-in candidate for President of the United States.  Fox 7 talked with Morrow about his campaign promises on Thursday.

"I want to start having bikini contests on the south lawn of the White House.  Nobody has ever done that before.  It might calm down America," he said.

The county GOP's acting chairman David Duncan says you just can't do both.

"Pursuant to the Texas Election Code Section 161.005 he thereby became unqualified to serve as chairman of the Travis County Republican Party," Duncan said.

Surprisingly, Morrow agrees.

"Oh in the back of my mind I kind of figured it might be a problem but I was going to run for President anyhow because I hate Trump," he said.

Then Morrow was told again to "get out."

If you can believe it, Robert Morrow being thrown out of the building wasn't the only drama.  The room got a little uncomfortable when acting chair David Duncan seemed to go off message a little bit and he threw former chair James Dickey under the bus.

"Our previous chairman left the party with no office, almost no money, no ability to pay staff and we had no planned fundraiser.  There are still unanswered questions about where the money was spent.  But having no money we were left with no funds for a proper audit," Duncan said.

Republican Matt Mackowiak defended Dickey saying when Morrow was elected they decided to spend down the account and close the office.  They weren't sure if they could raise money with Morrow at the helm.

"I recognize that he took over the organization at a difficult time but he knew what he was getting when he got in there and so to complain about that now when he never complained before is a little bit phony...that does concern me that he would say that.  Our previous chairman did a very good job," Mackowiak said.

We spoke with Dickey on the phone and he reiterated that when Morrow was elected, the party took a big hit.  He says "The executive committee publicly voted to donate the majority of party funds to local candidates in May.  David has not raised any concerns about this or any other item to me, either privately, in those meetings, or in the 8 weeks since he's taken office."

The GOP says a new chairman will be chosen by the party precinct chairs on September 20th.