Travis County GOP holds first meeting since new chairman elected

One week ago, a controversial chairman was elected to take over the Travis County Republican Party.
Chairman-elect Robert Morrow is under intense criticism for how he's portraying the party on social media and, it's causing the party to splinter.

Tuesday, the group held their first meeting since the election and morrow was a no show. That has some questioning his loyalty to the party. Last week we did speak to him about his methods of expression on social media websites like Twitter.

Vice-chairman Matt Machowiak said Morrow's comments toward the Bush family and past presidents are slanderous and don't represent the party. Councilman Don Zimmerman is an active member of TCRP and says although he disagrees with morrow's tangent, he was not always like that.

“Back in 2003 to 2005 he was one of the hardest working republicans in the city. When I was working on tax and bond campaigns he was one of the few people who would show up,” Zimmerman said.

“I certainly hope he continues the work that I've been able to do. Reach out to minorities and get young people involved,” James Dickney, TCRP Chairperson, said.

State law says the only way to remove a county party chairman is if they are convicted of a felony and have exhausted all appeals.