Travis County temporarily suspending certain warrants to alleviate threat of COVID-19 in jails

Travis County is currently suspending warrants for certain cases in a number of district courts amid the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. 

Paperwork filed at the courthouse shows that a number of execution of warrants will be temporarily suspended in order to alleviate the threat of COVID-19 in county jails. 

Temporary warrant suspensions: 

  • SJF and F3 Possession of a controlled substance 
  • SJF Delivery of a controlled substance 
  • SJF and F3 Possession of marijuana 
  • Obtaining a controlled substance by fraud
  • SJF Credit or debit card abuse 
  • SJF Criminal Mischief, unless fire or a deadly weapon was used during the offense 
  • SJF False statement to obtain property or credit
  • SJF Forgery 
  • SJF Fraudulent destruction, removal or concealment of a writing
  • SJF Graffiti 
  • SJF Interference with railroad property 
  • SJF Prostitution 
  • SJF Securing execution of a document by deception 
  • SJF Tampering with physical evidence or attempt to tamper with physical evidence 
  • SJF Theft 
  • SJF Theft of service 

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According to the paperwork, the suspension comes in wake of Governor Abbott's declaration of a State of Disaster and the Supreme Court of Appeal's Emergency Orders regarding the COVID-19 State of Disaster. 

The suspension applies to these District Courts: 

  • 147
  • 167
  • 299
  • 390
  • 403
  • 427
  • 450
  • 460 

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The suspensions come as a recommendation from the Travis County District Court Attorney's Office. 

The paperwork also states,  "All the requirements and conditions of the warrants previously signed by the magistrate remain in effect but are suspended during the state of emergency. For the effective suspension, the Travis County Sherriff's Office is directed to relate this Order to all law enforcement officers requesting confirmation of warrants, so that they are aware not to bring in low-level offenders to jail at this time." 



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