Travis High School Band marches through SXSW for music education

It was an unexpected sight in the middle of SXSW...a high school marching band. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

"We thought 'what better location than South By and a community of music fans' to just kind of remind people that as we're enjoying music today let's think about its very future by supporting kids like the kids at Travis," said Emma Leggat with Stub Hub.

Leggat says along with Dr. Martens and the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, they've donated $80,000 to Travis High School and Bedicheck Middle School to help them buy instruments.

"They're incredibly expensive. And as most people know, arts programs in general have sort of fallen on the chopping block in schools around the country. And even in communities where the arts are really valued like in Austin, schools simply can't afford musical instruments," she said.

Rebel Marching Band director David Contreras says they're using the money to buy wind and percussion equipment.

"The entire drumline costs over $20,000 so that's a big chunk of a budget that's just not ready to purchase for that," Contreras said.

Piccolo player Brianna Rangel is excited about the new stuff.

"A brand new drumline set. The entire set. We actually get these shoes that we're wearing and these shirts all from Doc Martens," Rangel said.

So in celebration of the importance of music education, the Travis High School Marching Band decided to march through Rainey Street.

"We're doing because we're trying to promote musical education because we think it's important for kids to get into it," said percussion player Josue Chio.

Stub Hub says the $80,000 to AISD is just the beginning. They've decided to donate a million dollars to struggling music education programs around the country.