Trial for man accused of murdering Sgt. Chris Kelley underway

There was emotional testimony during day one of the murder trial for a man accused of murdering Hutto Police Sergeant Chris Kelley.

Kelley died in June of 2015 after a suspect ran over the sergeant with his own patrol car.

The call played in Williamson County Court was still hard to hear for those who knew Kelley. 

"Officer down! Officer down on decker!" echoed in the courtroom while Kelley’s family tried to hold back tears. 

The seven-year veteran officer's life ended on Decker Drive after a failed traffic stop turned violent. 

It was June 24th, 2015 that Officer Michael Moehrig attempted to pull over driver Colby Williamson who was speeding at the time. Williamson didn’t stop. Instead he crashed his car and ran from the scene. 

"I saw the vehicle wrecked out, hit a fire hydrant," Moehrig said from the stand. 

When Moehrig called for help, Kelley responded. 

"Kelley radioed, ‘I think I've got him,’" said Moehrig. 

Sgt. Conor Mitchell drove to Kelley’s location to help with the arrest, but things quickly went south. 

Williamson told detectives he pushed Kelley down, ran to Kelley’s patrol car, and jumped in the driver's seat. 

Kelley, seconds behind him, ran to the open driver's side door. He grabbed the steering wheel and tried to step on the brake. 

"I could tell he was in trouble. When we turned the corner, the suspect got the car in reverse, knocked Kelley to the ground and the car ran over him," Mitchell testified. 

"The next thing I heard was officer down," said Moehrig. 

Moehrig sped to the scene. He saw a sergeant performing CPR on Kelley. 
So Moehrig chased after Williamson who jumped out of the patrol car and started running again. This time Williamson didn't get away. 

"Hit the dirt. All the way down! I've got him on Lucy court. I will shoot your ass!" Moehrig can be heard saying on the dash camera video. 

As the reality of what had just happened to Kelley started to set in, Moehrig couldn't hold back the tears. 

"I knew what happened. I was praying for a miracle that something good was going to happen," said Moehrig. 

According to the District Attorney, the charge did not qualify as capital murder because there was not intent.  Williamson did not set out to kill Kelley because he was an officer. Still, Williamson faces life in prison for murder.

Meanwhile, the defense said Williamson was coming off a meth binge and acted irrationally out of panic.