Trial of George De La Cruz begins

The murder trial of George De La Cruz began Monday.

He is charged with killing his estranged wife Julie Ann Gonzales but her body has never been found.

Prosecutors are convinced De La Cruz killed his wife.

She disappeared in March of 2010 and De La Cruz was allegedly the last person to see her alive.

Prosecutors admit without her body the case against De La Cruz is mostly built only on circumstantial evidence, which is why the defense team is arguing that authorities have made a mistake.

Members of Gonzalez's family were in court Monday and wore ribbons in her memory.

Her aunt told FOX 7 the family needs this trial for closure even at the risk of an acquittal.

"We have never said no, Let's wait. No, it's been 5 years how much longer can we wait? He has been sitting for two years thinking about it. Let's see what he comes up with. It's been a long road, it's time, It's time for him to answer to what he has done," said Dora Soto-Derma.

The first person to testify Monday was a former boyfriend of Julie Ann Gonzales.

He told the jury that once her divorce from De La Cruz was finalized they were planning to start their own family.

The trial could run into next week.