Trump supporters celebrate Independence Day early

Independence Day is Tuesday and many events are already taking place throughout the city, including one at Wooldridge Square Park.

Dozens of people marched from Woolridge Square to the Capitol Saturday morning waving American flags and holding handmade signs.

The event was hosted by Texas United for America and was an opportunity for activists to voice their political opinions.

Pro-trump supporters said the march was a show of patronage for the president who they feel has been unfairly criticized.

Guest speaker Kyle Chapman said having a voice is important.

“The need to push back against all the entire spectrum of political correctness,” said Chapman.

But not everyone came to participate in political messages; some were simply there to celebrate Independence Day.  

United Texas for American co-founder Marvina Case said

"We are celebrating Independence Day, our freedom our ability to be American and have diversity of thought. We are going to be talking about unity, love and diversity of thought," said Case. 

Daniel Quiroz said he came out to the event not only to celebrate Independence Day but to support the leader of our country. 

"Just show some support for the country for my president and for the flag," said Quiroz.

Regardless of their reasoning’s everyone who showed up for the rally said they support America, and everything that comes along with it including freedom, liberty and justice.

"Despite our differences we can come together and unit on many different factions," said Chapman.