Two assaults on UT campus, women targeted

The attacks happened on Monday in broad daylight.  Now, students are once again worried about their safety. Five months after the murder of 18-year old Haruka Weiser, UT campus remains vigilant and for good reason.

“We had reported to us two assaults from female students,” said Asst. Chief Peter Scheets, UTPD.

UT police say the attacks took place between 3 and 4 PM on Robert Dedman Drive. This is less than half a mile from where Haruka Weiser was killed.

“The subject came up to them. In once instance, grabbed a student by the elbow and article of clothing. The other one did the same thing made contact and I believe put his hand behind the student's neck, said Scheets.

Since the death of Weiser, the campus has been on edge. This, only adding fuel to the fire.

“The fact that it happened on campus was shocking,” said Ayomide Aruwajoie.

On that day in April, what was deemed , as a safe place turned deadly. Now with news of another predator, many travel in packs.

“Hearing that women are still getting grabbed and targeted, it's still kind of scary,” said Aruwajoie.

UTPD and APD are collaborating, patrolling a lot more often around the campus. Since the department of public safety reviewed the campus and released recommendations, police have followed them

“If you go out to Waller Creek area you’ll see undergrowth has been removed. The lower level canopy of trees has been trimmed up,” said Scheets.

“I have walked through that area so many times before,” said Rachel Thomas, student.

As for Aruwajoie, she appreciates officers patrolling more, she just knows she'll have to look out for herself as well.

“I don’t necessarily think it makes me feel safer I just think ok you guys are here but that if I turn this corner, you’ll never know what happens after that,” she said.

As for a suspect, he is described as having an olive complexion, dark hair with a neatly trimmed beard. He is about 5’7 between 25 and 30 years old.