Two Austin companies working to limit interaction between healthcare workers and possible COVID-19 patients

Two Austin area companies are working to limit the interaction healthcare providers have with COVID-19 positive patients during the testing process. 

MDBox and AnyPlace MD hosted a trial telehealth and drive-thru testing clinic in North Austin Saturday afternoon. 

Those who were ill used an MDBox online assessment tool to determine if they were eligible for testing. 180 people qualified for the $65.95 test.

“Check-in [patients] windows are up, [patients] come through, they simply roll down their window and they receive a finger prick, that goes on to a lateral flow test and then they engage in a telehealth visit. So, from that telehealth visit they’re getting their diagnosis, they’re getting their outcome all in the safety of their own car, completely concealed,” said Shane Stevens, CEO of MDBox and dental solutions. 

Stevens, says the company is buying the tests directly from manufacturers overseas. They are trying to reserve enough to conduct needed testing in the Austin area while also selling tests, and trying to triage them, to hotspots around the country. 

Currently, the companies are funding the testing on their own. Stevens says they are hoping to expand the model, working with a government partner. 

“We’re gonna have to get state, federal, FEMA money involved if we’re gonna take this to the next level and make it work,” he said. 

Stevens says the companies plan to host at least two more large local testing clinics if data shows they are necessary. 


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