Two brothers electrocuted by live wire buried in Fort Worth

Two Fort Worth brothers that died after being electrocuted last week were buried on Monday.

Alex and Isaiah Lopez were playing at Oakland Lake Park on Wednesday -- hours after heavy storms moved through the area -- when they encountered a downed power line.

Family and friends had a chance to say their final goodbyes to the Lopez brothers at an intimate graveside service held at Greenwood Memorial Park. Many of their classmates from International Leadership of Texas were also in attendance.

The boys were buried in a single casket. An aunt said the family decided it would be a sweet gesture to bury the brothers together since they were inseparable.

“They were always together they were always running around together as much as they were mischievous they did everything together so that was just comfort for our family to know that they were in one casket together,” said aunt Marisol Villegas.

A special operations team with Oncor is trying to figure out how long the active power line was down last week. There's no timeline as to when the investigation could be complete. 

The Lopez family says they've accepted the fact that they may never have all of the answers.