Two dogs in Montgomery County with collars, microchips found shot to death; one decapitated

"Murphy is a beloved pet of ours," said Adrienne Madison. "We got her from the shelter about five years ago."

It's hard to fathom what would happen to two playful pups, Murphy and dog neighbor, Diva, after the playful pups ran off through an open gate on April 6.


"We've got a lot of great friends, who are also pet lovers," said Madison. "Accidents happen. We reached out and started looking, got on social media the NextDoor app."

With both dogs chipped and wearing collars, Madison thought it was only a matter of time before some kind soul would guide the lost pair home.

But last Friday, some friends of Madison's came across a heart-wrenching discovery on some railroad tracks near East Hardy.

"Both the dogs had been shot and killed, and Murphy my dog, had been beheaded," Madison said. "We don't know why somebody would do something like that, especially with collars on. They were still on when they found them."


It doesn't appear the heinous crime occurred on the railroad tracks. It's believed the dogs were dumped there.

"The officer told us there had been similar incidents not too far from that area and not too distant in tone recently," said Madison. "To me, a person who would commit something that brutal to an innocent animal, probably doesn't have much regard for human life either."

The animal cruelty unit of the Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables Office is now investigating.