Two drown inside their cars after being swept away

The flooding from Monday night has claimed two lives in Travis and Williamson counties.

They were found in their cars that had been swept away.

The rain took a break Tuesday, giving authorities a chance to see what was once completely flooded.

That's when they came across two bodies.

More tragedy added to the devastation.

Floodwaters swept two people away inside their cars, they unfortunately didn't make it.

"It's pretty sad to think that somebody could lose their life down here on this creek," says Brandon Masi, property-owner.

It was on Jesse Bohls Drive where the Travis County Sheriff's Office found a man Tuesday afternoon, near Cameron Road and Weiss Lane in Pflugerville.

That man drowned overnight after search efforts for him went unsuccessful.

Two others from that same car were able to be rescued.

This property is where Brandon Masi and his family have their farm land.

He has never seen the water extend this far out.

"It's such a low-water crossing and a lot of us from around here know not to cross but for somebody who may be from out of town or something, they come around the corner, they don't know what they're driving into. Just to know that two of them survived and the other one didn't."

Leaving him in saddness that he couldn't have warned them.

Masi's cousin stayed inside of his home all night, knowing it wouldn't be safe to step out even though he could see and hear first responders.

"It's the highest water I've seen since May of 81," says Allen Vorwek, property owner.

Now he's looking at the damage left and what he needs to do to keep his property safe.

"Well that there is a combination barbed-wire fence, electric fence. I've got to get it cleaned off so the electric current can go through. If you've got trash on it, it's dead and no good," says Vorwerk.

Another body was found inside a vehicle in Williamson County, that was between CR 143 and 195.

The vehicle was spotted by a DPS helicopter when the water began to recede.

Authorities say they'll have more information on the victims once they hear back from the Medical Examiner's Office.