U.S. Senator John Cornyn to continue supporting Trump

The senior U.S. Senator from Texas returns to his home state to address trade, health care and immigration, but the critical question that people wanted answered was far more immediate in nature -- would John Cornyn continue to support Donald Trump in his campaign to become Commander in Chief?

"I'll support the nominee of my party," says Cornyn, who serves as Majority Whip in the Senate.
Sixteen other GOP Senators, almost a third of the entire legislative body, have decided differently following the release of the vulgarity-laced, 11-year-old audio recording featuring Trump, that has been universally condemned as profoundly demeaning to women.

Sen. Cornyn contends that he is equally disgusted, but won't abandon the top of the conservative ticket.

"I'll support Mr. Trump and his race for the presidency because I care about the Supreme Court," explains Cornyn. "I care about the stranglehold that Cabinet officials and the regulations they issue have put on our economy and the damage it's done to working families."

Cornyn is not the only one. Houston-based U.S. Rep. John Culberson, who claims America has a better future with a contrite Trump than with yet another Democrat occupying the White House.

"Here's the six scariest words in the English language: Supreme Court Justice Barack Hussein Obama," says Congressman Culberson.

But long-serving Houston Democrat Representative Sheila Jackson Lee says that Republican presidential nominee Trump crossed a line of moral disqualification that should apply to any American who aspires to the nation's highest office.

"It was not sports talk," says Congresswoman Jackson Lee. "It was debasing talk against women that was absolutely unacceptable."