*Update* Man charged with arson in car explosion caught on camera

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*Update* Officials have charged 57-year-old Andrew Guerrero with arson, a first degree felony, after police say Guerrero intentionally set a car fire at the Stassney Food Mart at 5717 S. IH-35 on June 2. The fire and subsequent explosion were caught on video.

An affidavit shows that police found a suicide note at Guerrero's home. Police believe Guerrero poured gas into the passenger compartment of his car and intentionally set the car on fire with a lighter with the intent to harm himself or others.

This is an update to a previous story. The original version is as follows:

FOX7 has obtained 911 audio and dramatic dash-cam video that shows the moment a car explodes as Austin police officers try to get the driver out.

It happened in a flash. Police dash cameras provided up close views of the Tuesday morning explosion.

"I'm surprised that their injuries are so minimal as compared to what I presumed they should have been," said APD Commander Nick Wright.

A security camera at the East Stassney Food Mart also captured the moments before the blast. Around 2:00 am Austin police were called to the store to make contact with a disturbed man.

"They did not know the seriousness of the situation but the 911 call that came in by the suspect basically stated he planned to commit suicide by igniting his vehicle with himself inside," said Commander Wright.

Investigators say the man used a cigarette lighter to ignite gas fumes when he got back into his car.

"My initial impression is based on the fact he was at a gas station, it was probably gasoline, we got some samples we took from inside the car and will send out to the state arson lab to see what exactly burned up inside there," said AFD Capt. Andy Reardon.

Despite the flames the man initially got back into his car

But then crawled out and tried to smother the fire on his body until collapsing. The police officers -cautiously moved closer -- one with his stun gun drawn - and then pulled the man away from the flames.

"I don't know if the officers could have done anything different in this situation, but it is just a little piece of knowledge that they put into their tool belt and take with them on a similar call down the line," said Commander Wright.

The officers suffered only minor burns. The man - was sent to a San Antonio burn unit. He has not yet been identified, but investigators say they plan to file arson charges against him.

Watch the full video here.