Urgent need for fosters, adopters at Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is filled past the brim for animals and is urging people to adopt or foster.

The shelter currently has 146 dogs, and needs to home nearly 50 of them as fast as possible in order to operate smoothly.

"We are absolutely in need of help with adoptions or fosters for medium to large adult dogs," WCRAS community programs coordinator April Peiffer said. "Foster families are critical into continuing our life-saving mission."

The number one reason WCRAS is seeing more animals being surrendered at this shelter is due to the financial situation of the owner. "What we're seeing is an economic impact, people being evicted from their homes and not being able to find new places to live that will allow them to keep their pets," Peiffer said.

It's not just dogs. With it being kitten season, WCRAS is also flooded with cats who need homes. "Like most shelters across the country right now we are overloaded with kittens right now and really need foster families to come get them out," Peiffer said.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you may not be able to take care of your own pet, the shelter urges you to call them first.

"If they need help with resources, we're always happy to talk and try and help guide them to a resource that they may need," Peiffer said. "I would help keep their pets at home with them because we absolutely believe in keeping pets at home with their families where they are loved. We absolutely want to have pets stay home with their families."

With triple digits expected next week, WCRAS is hoping to get these animals into a nice cool home.