UT alumni and current students react to Patterson's departure

UT Junior Eric Davis sees a fresh start ahead for UT Athletics.

"Everything's bigger and better here.  So we're looking for someone to come in, fill in Patterson's shoes and get the job done," Davis said.

He says the mood on campus following Athletic Director Steve Patterson's termination is mostly a positive one.

"I would say for the most part, most students are happy that Patterson's gone.  Just because you know I heard he had a big ego and a big stature," Davis said.

Rod Babers is a 40-Acres All American. Now he hosts "The Sports Buffet" on AM 1300 The Zone.

He says this was the right move.

"Obviously it's something that needed to be done.  He got to the point where he had no alliances, right?  He had alienated the fan base because of the ticket prices and he alienated the donors and the boosters because of what I was told, his demeanor," Babers said.

But that's not to say Patterson didn't do a lot of good for the University in Babers' opinion.

"I mean he cut some of the fat around there right?  The athletic department, all across the board with the band, cheerleading, you know baseball, football.  He was indiscriminate!  So I think some of those things, some of those fiscally conservative values, that vision, I think that's going to stay implemented," Babers said.

One interesting theory floating around is that UT may bring back legendary head coach Mack Brown to fill the A.D.'s position.

UT student Davis is okay with that.

"He's a familiar face, he's done a heck of a lot for this University...on and off the football field," Davis said.

Babers says a good athletic director has to keep the donors happy, be good with the fans and be a savvy businessman.

He's not sure Mack has all three of those things.

 "He was great with the fans, fans love Mack Brown right?  What's not to love?  He was a great politician in that way.  I don't know if he's a great businessman though and that's part of it too, you've got to have the trinity to be a great A.D.," Babers said.

 As for all of the calls from the fans urging the University to cut Patterson loose, Babers says it's happened before to other Longhorn personnel.  It's how you know you've made it.

"All of those guys will end up having statues on the 40 Acres one day so -- Steve Patterson will not have a statue!  Unless he pays for it himself which he now he may be able to because I think he's going to get like $5 million just to go away!  I wish we all could be so unfortunate," Babers said.

By the way, Oliver Luck is Babers' top choice for the job -- he was passed over for Patterson in the first place.

Babers brings up a good point too...if Mack Brown gets hired, think about how weird it will be for head coach Charlie Strong.  The guy you replaced is now your boss.