UT Austin students asked to move out by March 30, need to sign up to retrieve personal belongings

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, UT Austin has continued to update students and families on procedures the university has taken to protect them from the virus. In the latest update, the university is answering questions for students who are living on campus and UT affiliated housing. 

UT Austin's Housing and Dining has a released a list of Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's) in order to help students navigate the updated procedures that the university is implementing during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

There was very little activity on the campus of UT Austin Wednesday morning because of the extended spring break. But around the dorms, it was a different scene.

Students, currently on campus, we're cleaning out their rooms along with their parents. It was an unexpected end to life on campus. Some parents took the day off like, John Barnes who drove up from Katy to help his son pack. "I figured today would be better than next week, in a mad rush,” said Barnes.

Some students are having to wait until next week like freshman Mario Carresa. "I'm planning to move out as soon as possible, but my parents work, I’m moving out Monday, but as soon as possible because it looks like this stuff is getting worse day by day,” said Carresa. 

Some students are being allowed to stay on campus, and university officials say they're looking into the possibility of providing alternative housing.

"Lots of things to consider, my immigration status, and the costs,” said Alan Jiang who is a student from China. 

He and other foreign students may get assistance as well as those who have confirmed cases of hardship. Jiang told FOX7 he doesn’t know yet if he will go back home, use the help from UT or stay with friends.

UT Austin, like other schools, is going to all on line classes. That’s a little unnerving for UT Freshman Mackenzi Haub.

"What I’m mainly worried about is I don’t know how I’m going to learn, I've never taken an online class, so now I'm talking 4 or 5 online college courses,” said Haub.

Jasper Murphy, a student from Melissa, TX is also wondering about how the online classes will work with his schedule.

“I have a lot of classes where we have to use in university computers and system, and all different sorts of equipment, and it’s a real mystery as to what it’s going to look like the rest of the semester,” said Murphy.

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Students living in residence halls 

According to the University's website, those students who are currently present and living at the university are asked to be completely moved out by March 30. Those students do not need to sign up for a check out time. 

Those students who live in residence halls but are currently away from campus are expected to sign-up for a check-out time starting on Monday, March 23, and should follow these instructions: 

  • Students can sign up for a day and time between March 23 – May 20 to come and retrieve their belongings.
  • All students who are not currently on campus must sign-up for check-out time.
  • ID cards will only be active for students during the window around their check-out time.


Students are then directed to move their belongings out of the residence halls and should follow these instructions: 

  • Bring your own packing and moving supplies.
  • Loading zone permits are not needed. Brazos and Twenty-Seventh Street Garage are open, and there are several Loading Zone spaces by the residence halls.
  • Do NOT park in any disabled parking spaces or blocking a fire lane. Vehicles in violation will be ticketed and towed for safety.
  • Drop your key at the 24-hour front desk for your residence hall.

The university has also said that students will receive a pro-rated adjustment for their housing bill, and refunds are expected to take up 30 business days from March 21 to complete. 

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For students who are unable to return to campus or make arrangements to retrieve their belonging are being asked to contact University Housing and Dining office at 512- 471-3136.

Students living at 2400 Nueces and University Apartments 

Students living at 2400 Nueces or the University apartments are not being directed to move out at this time. 

If a resident from 2400 Nueces wants to check-out, the student will need to sign-up for a check-out time using the link posted on the main Housing website and return their key to the 2400 Nueces front desk. If a resident from University Apartments wants to check-out, they should contact University Apartments staff at uhd.apartments@austin.utexas.edu. 

If students should have any more questions they should visit the University's FAQ page.