UT grad among many killed in Kenya terror attack

Men armed with guns and explosives attacked a hotel and shopping complex in Kenya killing at least 21 people and injuring dozens of others.

Among the victims was 40-year-old Jason Spindler. The Houston native was the co-founder of "I-Dev" International working with international companies to form business partnerships in Kenya. 

Spindler’s college friend and roommate Kevin Yu was devastated when he heard the news. 

"Jason was extremely sociable. I would say he was extremely inclusive. Some of us show up on campus just kind of marching through the steps going through high-school then college as a natural extension he really showed up at UT almost full grown,” Yu said. “He was very confident and was very wise and experienced in the way of the world."

Spindler became a finance major at the McCombs school of business.

After that, Spindler went on to get his master's at NYU.

Tragedy struck again in that moment, Spindler's brother Jonathan said, changing him forever.

“During 9/11 he was working late that night so he showed up late to work the next morning and was coming out of the subway when the towers collapsed and he didn't stop he went in to help as many people as he could and from that moment he knew he had to do something different," Jonathan said.

Spindler went from an investment banker to a Peace Corp volunteer which led him to his work in Kenya. Yu said even in death, Spindler has managed to bring people together. "So many friends that we have somewhat lost contact with…suddenly we are close again," Yu said.

"It's unfortunate that an event like this has brought us all a bit closer.”



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