UT professor shares his story of life after a stroke

Every 40 seconds someone suffers a stroke according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Timing, the right medical team and cutting edge technology can be life-saving.

Steve Wille suffered a massive stroke in September.

Now, he's wrapping up the semester and has a lot to be thankful for.

He described that day to FOX 7's Ann Wyatt Little. He told her within minutes, he was on the bathroom floor

"I started calling for my wife saying I couldn't get up."

The University of Texas Sports Media professor was having a stroke.

His wife called 911.

Westlake firefighter Ricardo Leon arrived on the scene first.

Leon also happens to work with Dr. Jeff Miley's team at the Seton Brain and Spine Institute. He knows time is critical.

Wille's scans show he had a three inch clot. The redness indicated a lack of blood flow.

Dr. Miley got to work using the latest technology that's similar to an expensive vacuum cleaner.

Months later, Wille feels great and is back on his feet.

"Recovery has been fast and full. I went to a rehab hospital afterwards and they mistook me for a visitor instead of a patient," he said.

Wille values each moment and is grateful to be back on his feet running and teaching.