UT student, employee both attacked

Another woman has been attacked  on the UT campus. This comes just two days after two other women were assaulted.
It happened in the same general area, but police managed to catch the man before he got away.

UTPD says just after 8:00 Thursday night, two women were leaving the school of social work when a man approached them.

“One of the women he approached and grabbed her on the shoulder,” said Asst. Chief Peter Scheets.

She swiftly pulled away and yelled for help. It just so happens a UT parking and transit employee was around and radioed into cops.

“As they were attempting to determine what the suspect was doing on campus, he attempted to get into the parking and transportation vehicle and leave the scene,” said Scheets.

The parking and transit employee was also assaulted. It only took about a minute for UTPD officers to arrive and get the man out of the car and arrest him. Police say that man is 28-year-old Ellis Henderson. He's not affiliated with the school at all.

The news is troubling for Destiny Gonzalez who just made her way on campus as a freshman. Just Tuesday, police say a man grabbed two other women in broad daylight, on the same street, Robert Dedman. Police don't think the incidents are connected or that Henderson made those attacks.

“It's such a large campus and university, and because it's close to the drag which is a separation between the school and city, it worries me,” said Gonzalez.

Henderson is in the Travis County jail. Police are still warning students to be aware of their surroundings, walk in groups, and don’t hesitate to dial 911..

“It happens at any time. It's not just ‘oh I need someone to walk with late at night’ it also happens during the day,” said Jacob Gonzalez.

Henderson is charged with assault, aggravated robbery, resisting arrest, possession of PCP, and attempting to flee/escape while arrested. Still there is no arrest made for the other assaults this week.