UTPD: Homeless man threatened to "shoot all the rich kids at UT"

A homeless man has been arrested after UT Austin campus police say he threatened to shoot "all the rich kids at UT" Sunday.

Dakota Blakley has been charged with terroristic threat.

UTPD responded to a call to assist another officer with an assault arrest Sunday morning at the Dell Seton UT Medical Center. A UTPD officer saw a handcuffed man, identified in court paperwork as Blakley, running from police and security on scene. 

Blakley was transported to Travis County Central Booking where while in medical screening, he reportedly told a nurse while in an officer's presence that he intended to go to campus to "shoot all the rich kids at UT." According to court documents, he said this repeatedly and told the nurse he would come to campus and shoot everyone he saw. He also told the officer "I'll shoot you," says an arrest affidavit.

The officer said he later received a call from the Travis County Jail warning UTPD that the threats continued for several hours and that the jail staff was concerned for the safety of the campus, according to the affidavit.

Several photos of Blakley were found on his Facebook page where he displays white supremacist imagery and points guns at the camera.