Vandalism of Downtown Phoenix mural caught on surveillance camera

A surveillance camera captured a vandal in the act of defacing a mural that has been a part of Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix for years.

On surveillance video, the person was seen spraypainting gold lines on the mural that has been on the west side of the old Flowers Building for nearly a decade at 5th Street and Roosevelt.

"Devastating and beyond being frustrating to our team," said Lauren Saria. "It's a huge disrespect to the community."

The mural was painted by a well-known artist named El Mac, in collaboration with Augustine Kofie. The mural is located on one side of the future home of a new restaurant.

"We wanted to do everything we could to make sure that mural was respected, and made to be a big part of the community and Roosevelt Row," said Saria. 

The community is working to fix the mural, and hold whoever did this responsible.

"We do have video that we have shared with the police," said Saria. "If anyone knows anything or saw anything to please let us know."

El Mac

Taco Chelo

The Blocks of Roosevelt Row