Video shows 18-wheeler dangling off highway near San Antonio

A major crash in San Antonio snarled traffic for several hours on Monday. 

According to the San Antonio Police Department, an 18-wheeler was heading westbound on the upper level of Interstate 10, near Frio, around 2:30 p.m. on Monday, April 25. While on the upper level, the 18-wheeler lost traction on the wet pavement and struck another big rig, causing it to lose control and hit a concrete wall.

The big rig nearly flipped over the concrete wall and off of the upper level. When the tractor portion of the second big rig struck the lower level of the highway, it prevented the whole truck from flipping over and only remained stuck up on the wall, KSAT said.

The other 18-wheeler was reportedly jack-knifed, blocking all but one lane on I-10.


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The San Antonio Fire Department HazMat unit cleaned up some spilled diesel fuel.

I-10 was closed for several hours as crews worked to remove the trucks.

No injuries were reported.