VIDEO: Cyclist hit by CapMetro bus in South Austin

The cyclist, Nick Bruskewitz said he walked away from the incident with scrapes, bruises and a sprained knee but if the back wheels of the CApMetro bus came any closer the situation could've been a lot worse.

Bruskewitz crashed with a bus on July 15th, near the intersection of Barton Springs and South Lamar. He said after the crash the bus driver pulled over at the bus stop and approached him telling him he needed to be more careful.

He then filed a FOIA request and saw the footage for himself.

“It was a disregard for my safety,” Brsukewitz said. A CapMetro spokesperson said they cannot comment at this time because the crash is under internal investigation.

Bike Austin Executive Director Katie Deolloz said the area of town Bruskewitz was riding is challenging. The bike lanes are narrow and can make even a seasoned cyclist nervous. "We had another preventable avoidable crash between a person choosing to operate a motor vehicle unsafely and a vulnerable road user," said Deolloz. "According to the transportation code, a person riding a bicycle is to stay in the most practicable lane which is exactly what he did in the bike lane. He looked over his shoulder to make sure he was situationally aware of his position in the bike lane."

From the angle of the video, the bike lane cannot be seen. According to the city's ordinance, there should be a minimum of 3-feet between motorists and bicyclists and 6-feet distance for large vehicles.

Deolloz is advocating for safer road sharing practices and roads designed to facilitate all types of riders. "There's a real need to create an obvious barrier between vulnerable road users and people driving automobiles,” Deolloz said.

"We have a transportation landscape that is changing so rapidly, slow down, be watchful, be patient, nothing is so urgent that you should be operating your vehicle whether it's a motorized vehicle or a bicycle or a scooter in such a fashion where you're putting other people at risk."

Bruskewitz said he hopes his experience will hold CAP Metro accountable and start a conversation between drivers and cyclists. He said CapMetro’s CEO called with an apology Wednesday and looks forward to continue proactive dialogue.