VIDEO: Man tries to rob 2 women at drive-up ATM in Fairfax

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Terrifying surveillance video released by police Friday shows a man attempting to rob two different women at a drive-up ATM machine in Fairfax earlier this week. Investigators say the same man wanted is also wanted in a robbery at the ALDI supermarket on Lee Highway the same day.

According to police, officers got a call around 9:10 am on July 25 after a reported robbery at the ALDI supermarket. An employee told police the suspect stole cash from a cash register before running away. No one was hurt.

Investigators say the same man is wanted in the two attempted robberies at the drive-up ATM outside the Wells Fargo Bank on Fairfax Boulevard. Police say those incidents happened between 8:30 am and 8:50 am on the same day.

In the first incident, the video shows a woman pulling up to the ATM, too far away from the machine to reach it from inside the car. Instead, she gets out of the car, standing between the ATM and her car door.

The man is seen on the video creeping up behind her, and the ATM's surveillance video captured him jumping in front of her and trying to get cash from the machine. She appears to struggle with him before the video ends.

The second video released by police Friday shows a woman pulling up to the same ATM, and using it through her window. The suspect is seen getting into the passenger side of the woman's car, and she doesn't appear to know he is there at first. The ATM's surveillance camera also captured the man trying to reach around her inside the car.

Police say neither of the victims were injured.

The suspect is described as a white male who is between 30 and 40 years old. He has a grey goatee and short hair. He was wearing blue jeans and a grey hooded jacket when the incidents took place.

Anyone with information on any of these incidents or the suspect is asked to call the City of Fairfax Police Department.