VIDEO: Roswell Police rescue dogs locked in hot car

Police body camera video shows the dramatic moments when officers rescued two dogs from a hot car in a local shopping center.  

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According to the Roswell Police Department, a woman called 911 just before 4:00 Sunday afternoon after seeing a dog left in a parked car outside the Studio Movie Grill on Holcomb Bridge Road.  Police said their officers arrived 18 seconds after the call was made.


Roswell Police posted parts of the body camera footage on their Facebook page Wednesday. 

"You see exactly what's happening from the officer's body cam as he is seeing it," explained Officer Lisa Holland with Roswell Police.  "I mean, it's a very traumatic situation for the officer, actually and for the dogs."

The video shows how aggressive the first dog was when being taken out of the car, and how a second dog, who hid under the seat to avoid the sun, came out to protect the first dog.

Moments after being rescued from the car, police said one of the dogs suffered a heat stroke seizure.  The video shows police and fire rescue personnel providing urgent care to the animals. Both pets are said to now be in good health, and were seized as evidence by Fulton County Animal Control. 

"We want the public to see this and hopefully tell their friends and just remember the importance, [be]cause sometimes you don't think about it. The lady you know, didn't intentionally want to hurt her dogs, she didn't want to cause harm to these animals. She just didn't think," said Officer Holland.

The woman is scheduled to appear in court in August.