Video shows off-duty APD officer's reaction after crash in San Antonio

Footage obtained by FOX 7 shows how an off-duty Austin police officer responded after being involved in a crash with a bus. Corporal Richard Parslow crashed with a VIA Metro bus in San Antonio on March 20, 2021.

In an internal investigation interview, Parslow admitted prior to the crash he pulled up next to the bus and flipped off the driver. He added that his actions were quote "not okay," and he would have done things differently.

"I probably still would have cussed him out, but I wouldn't have shown him my badge or anything like that...And like you see on other videos like any other normal citizen does get their insurance..." he said in part.

In the video, the bus driver can be heard telling Parslow multiple times to relax. Eventually, he had to close the window while he waited for San Antonio Police because Parslow began to argue with a passenger.

The bus driver is 47 years old has three cops in his family. He said he's never experienced an encounter like this. Adding he was surprised and that Parslow was out of hand.

"I've never had an experience like that with a police officer..." said the bus driver in a statement. "They're supposed to maintain a stoic calm and that guy was just, uh, he was outta hand."

Austin police found Parslow in violation of multiple departmental policies and he was suspended for 9 days. FOX 7 reached out to APD for comment they did not provide one. 

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