VIDEO: Suspects in Trump masks use explosive to steal from ATM

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(Video Image: Carabinieri Police)

Two brothers were arrested in Italy after being suspected of stealing money from dozens of ATM machines while wearing masks that resemble United States President Donald Trump.

Italian police released surveillance video of the ATM burglars breaking into machines in Turin. One suspect wearing a Trump mask is seen lighting the fuse to an explosive placed on an ATM before running off to take cover as the machine explodes.

The crime evokes scenes to the 1991 film “Point Break" where surfers donned masks of ex-presidents while robbing banks.

However, police said in a statement that the brothers were actually inspired by the movie, “The Jackal,” after the main character changes the color of his car to throw off police. Police said the suspects painted their Audi vehicle from white to black hoping to pull off the same trick.