VIDEO: Texas DPS trooper saves man's life just seconds before high-speed crash

A man says a Texas DPS trooper saved his life just seconds before a high-speed chase ended at a construction site in Bastrop.

Video from the chase that started Tuesday, April 18 in Austin was provided to FOX 7. It ended at a Highway 71 construction site in Bastrop. 

The incident, part of a high-speed chase involving APD and Travis County deputies, was recorded by Ryan Rogers

"I've watched it several times. And my first reaction is, you know, what would have happened if he would have hit me. It could have potentially killed me. What would happen with my wife and kids with me gone? A lot of things, you know, but really mainly just my family," said Rogers.

Rogers was on his way to work, when he drove up on a construction site at the intersection of Highway 71 and SH 95. He had no idea what his windshield camera was about to capture.

"I get videos that I get all day long with people driving, and it's almost like the Wild West out here. Luckily, it turned out okay and everybody walked away," said Rogers.

Rogers says he didn’t know a police chase was headed his way. In the video when the state trooper backed up toward him, there was no reason to be concerned.

"I thought he was related to the construction. So I eased up to kind of ask him, you know, what was going on or how his morning was going. And as soon as I rolled my window down, I can faintly hear sirens behind me. And then, right then and there, the trooper said, ‘hey dude, move left, move left, hurry, hurry,'" said Rogers.

Rogers believes that shout saved his life.

"I'd like to meet him in person again. I shook his hand, but I didn't catch his name. But I just you know, it's the small things and his timing couldn't have been more impeccable. Just thank him again. You know, my family needs me and I need them. And, you know, that's just what they're there for," said Rogers.

The car that sped by crashed into a police vehicle. That officer was providing security for TxDOT at the construction site. Rogers, who is a former volunteer firefighter, didn’t stay in his truck, he went to help.

"My first reaction was to just run and check on the officer that was hit, um, which we ended up getting him out of the passenger side of the vehicle because all his airbags were deployed on the driver's side," said Rogers.

TxDOT could not provide the identity of the injured officer, or the department that he works for. Officials with APD said the chase started because of a robbery call at a North Austin motel. 

The case remains active and the name of the person who led police and deputies on the chase is not being released at this time.