VIDEO: Thief caught after stealing cash from woman in wheelchair

A man seen on surveillance camera footage stealing money from an elderly woman in East Harlem was arrested Friday.

The 26-year-old man pulled an envelope of cash from inside the woman's dress while she sat in a wheelchair on Wednesday at about Noon.

Maria Vazquez, 93, had just cashed her $600 pension check.

Cops said the thief struck at Regines clothing store at 176 East 116 Street.

The money was not returned to Vazquez, but the store owner later gave her the money to pay for her rent.

Vazquez spoke with FOX 5 News at her home saying she hopes the man is punished.

"What I feel for him is that he should be punished and smacked in the hands and feet so he won't be a robber anymore. Why did he go after us? It's just bad," said Vazquez.