Texas Panhandle hailstone could be the largest in state history

(Source: Val Castor, National Weather Service)

A hailstone from the Texas Panhandle could set a new state record.

Massive hailstones fell in the area of Vigo Park, about 60 miles south of Amarillo, on Sunday, June 2.

Stormchaser Val Castor found one hailstone more than 7 inches long.

Photos show the stone next to a Monster Energy Drink can. The company says the can is 6.2 inches.


(Source: Val Castor, National Weather Service)

If confirmed, it would be the largest in Texas history.

The storm that generated the hail also produced a tornado that traveled over open country.

The current record hailstone fell in Hondo in 2021. It was 6.416 inches in diameter.

The largest hailstone in the U.S. was discovered in South Dakota in 2010, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information.

The piece was 11 inches in length and weighed nearly two pounds.

The heaviest hailstones on record fell in Bangladesh and weighed about 2.25 pounds in 1986, according to Guinness World Records.