Volunteers from across country come to Central Texas ahead of possible severe weather

The American Red Cross of Central Texas said they are still helping victims from previous flooding events, and now they are preparing for possibly more people to be affected by the weather the next few days.

Dennis Patrikios from Long Island has been a volunteer for the Red Cross for more than 10 years. He arrived into Texas Tuesday night. “A notice had gone out to my local chapter that they needed volunteers in Austin because of the flooding that was coming.” With widespread severe weather and flooding possibly on the way he is one of many who will be making Central Texas their home for the next few weeks. “It's probably the hardest job you're going to get and do, not get a dime for doing it, and love every minute that you're doing it,” he said.

But even with out of towners coming to help volunteer, the Red Cross said it's not enough. Marty McKellips is the Regional Chief Executive for the American Red Cross. “The next foreseeable week we will need hundreds,” she said speaking of volunteers. She said they are still helping hundreds of people in different locations across the state from previous flooding events, and now they are anticipating more people in need of help in the next few days, “The flooding is so widespread across Texas, we anticipate opening many shelters in many different locations,” she said.

McKellips said they need locals to step up and help. “They would be working at a shelter, taking people in who are having to evacuate from their homes, helping us with feeding, setting up cots, and generally taking care of those people until they are able to return home,” she said. Something Patrikios said will be well worth the time. “It's something that's in your blood, you need to do this, if we don't help our fellow man, what are we doing,” he said.

The Red Cross is holding training classes for those who want to volunteer Thursday and Friday. You can call or text 571-439-1782 and they will get you more information, or click here.

If you can't volunteer your time and can help financially, you can text “Red Cross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.