Volunteers help elderly storm victims who lost their home in Collin County

Volunteers and Collin County employees will clean up storm damage in Farmersville Thursday morning.

A mobile home was destroyed by straight-line winds early Monday morning. The Farmersville Fire Department posted pictures of the damage on social media.


An elderly couple was inside but their grandkids had made it to a storm shelter just before the winds hit.

“My grandparents took a while to get out so as they were walking out I guess the door shut on them. They felt the thing going over them and everything just landed way over there. We barely made it to the shelter too,” said 16-year-old Anthony Solis. “It was scary. I just heard my grandma scream just pure silence. You couldn’t hear anything else.”

Adrian and Esmeralda Solis are okay but did suffer some broken bones.

The Collin County Road & Bridge crew, Minuteman Disaster Response team and other local disaster relief volunteers will be helping them clear the debris on their property Thursday.

Several church ministries are helping them to get back on their feet after losing everything they home and just about everything they owned.