'Wakey Wakey' protests urge defunding of APD, resignation of chief

Two demonstrations are planned as protesters urge city officials to defund the Austin Police Department and ask for APD Chief Brian Manley to resign.

The protests are being called "Wakey Wakey" and it's being called part one of a disruption series in Austin. Organizers say they're demanding the protection of Black lives and the goal is use the money that would go to APD and reinvest it into community initiatives.

The protests have disrupted the flow of traffic in the area where they're happening at 6th and Lamar.

Police asked protesters to clear the road or arrests would be made and most complied and moved to the sidewalk. FOX 7 Austin's Natalie Martinez notes that at the center of the demonstration is a person who is reciting poems.

The second planned protest will feature a giant cumbia circle and will be located at Riverside and South Lamar.

Each group will meet at the designated intersection and then the cumbia circle will march to the reading circle.


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